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November 13th - 15th 2020

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McGill Engineering Hackathon

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Opportunities within Code.Jam(2020)

This year, Code.Jam() will have the privilege and the challenge to set the standard for what an educational and engaging digital hackathon can look like. In a time where many students are seeing decreased learning and networking opportunities, Code.Jam() has become a fully remote hackathon and has extended its range to the entirety of Canada in order to welcome a record number of participants and provide the boost necessary to propel this cohort of students past this difficult period. That being said, we need your help to make Code.Jam() possible.

The support of experienced judges and mentors such as yourself will enhance the learning experience for all of our participants. With your help, we can help give students the confidence and skills they need to own their professional growth, and we can provide them with the industry connections necessary to accelerate that same growth.

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What's New in 2020?

Virtual Hacking

CodeJam 2020 will proceed remotely. We encourage you to register even if you’re not physically in Montreal. You will have full access to the remote hackathon; the only obstacle will be the difference in timezone. Get ready with a cup of coffee!


CodeJam will take place from November 13 - 15, 2020. New this year, CodeJam will be open to any post secondary student in Canada! Check our our FAQs for more information.

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