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Not sure where to begin? The CodeJam team has compiled a list of helpful resources to get you started for CodeJam 2020. Feel free to look through and get yourself adjusted to the content before the hackathon!


If this is your first time at a hackathon or coding past ECSE 202 or COMP 202, it’s probably best that you learn some concepts that’ll help ramp you up before the hackathon!

Recommended software

These are some recommended tools for general hackathon success:

  • Visual Studio Code - Your favourite programmer’s favourite text editor.
  • GitHub Desktop - Easy-to-use Git GUI interface so you don’t need to use the command line.
  • Jupyter Notebooks - Powerful Python tool hosted as a web app useful for writing and organizing Machine Learning code. Very visually appealing and great for running code snippets.
  • Postman - REST API testing tool.


Boilerplate code is your best friend for a hackathon! As these are time-limited events, you don’t want to spend half your time setting up your project.

Here are a few examples:

If these don’t suit your usecase, feel free to look up other boilerplates online!

Useful libraries and frameworks

Here are a few libraries that might prove to be useful during the competition! If the official library isn’t written in your favourite language, try finding wrappers/bindings for it online!


Useful plug-and-play APIs

Here are a few APIs that might prove to be useful during the competition! These are a software engineer’s best friend. These will do the heavy lifting for you, so you can focus on working on your product.


CLoud Computing

Cloud computing is especially useful when you need to do heavy computations (read: Machine Learning). There are a few providers. If this is your first time using them, they usually provide a bunch of free credits for students.

Hosting your application

It’s not a requirement to host your final submission anywhere (you can demo your project locally), but you can easily host your project on the cloud so you can show it off to anyone with a link.

Workshop content

Workshops will be announced soon!


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